Fluid Goggles are used by free divers. They are normal swimming goggles retro fitted with a special lens. The diver fills the goggle with water and when diving this lens allows the diver to see clearly under water.


The volume of any compressible airspaces decreases as the pressure increases with depth during a dive descent. This includes the air in a conventional diving mask.


The diver has to equalise these airspaces to avoid barotrauma. As O2 is precious to a freediver, fluid googles alleviate this problem. In addition to the fluid goggles, using a freediving noseclip means the diver can equalise the ears without the need of using the hands, making the dive much more comfortable whilst maintaining a hydrodynamic position during the dive.

GLOWE Fluid Goggles have been designed by UK Freediver, AIDA Instructor and AIDA Competition Judge Gary Lowe. They are used by freedivers all over the world including World Champion freediver William Trubridge


Gary has been freediving for over 6 years, represented the UK in the 2012 World Freediving Championships and one of the top UK male DYN and DNF divers.


He was ranked UK No. 2 in the 2014 BFA UK Nationals held at the UK's largest Indoor Freediving compeition The Great Northern 


He is an instructor for Learn 2 Freedive and a club member of Apneists UK